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What happened to the little match girl?

When the matches are gone the girl dies, and her grandmother carries her soul to Heaven. The next morning, passers-by find the girl frozen, and express pity. They do not know about the wonderful visions she had seen, or how happy she is with her grandmother in heaven.

Did the little matchgirl die?

Yes, the little match girl dies in the story The Little Match Girl. At the end, she lights lots of matches and sees her grandmother.

Why did the little match girl burn all the matches?

You go away when the match burns out; you vanish like the warm stove, like the delicious roast goose, and like the magnificent Christmas tree!” And she rubbed the whole bundle of matches quickly against the wall, for she wanted to be quite sure of keeping her grandmother near her.

How did the ending of the Little Match Girl make you feel?

Each match shows the girls visions and dreams. At the end of the story, the little girl’s grandmother appears to bring the girls soul to heaven. The next day, the townsfolk, who had ignored her the day before, find the body of the girl frozen in the snow and feel bad.

Why did the little girl say now someone is dying?

The girl thought that “Someone is dying” because her old grandmother, the only one who had ever loved her, and who was now dead, had told her that when a star falls, a soul was going up to God.

Why didn’t the little girl go home what did she do instead?

Why could the girl not go home? Answer: The little girl did not dare to go home, for she had sold no matches, and could not take home even a penny of money. Her father would certainly beat her for earning no money.

Why was the poor little girl walking bareheaded and barefoot through the streets?

The little poor child was out in the streets barefoot and bareheaded to sell the matchboxes which she carried in her old apron. She had been trying to sell those boxes since morning but didn’t succeed till evening.

How did the little girl lose the slippers that she was wearing when she left her home?

Answer: The little match girls was wearing her mother’s slippers. She loses both slippers. One wile escaping from the carriages which were were being driven very fast on the road .

Why were the slippers that the poor little girl was wearing of no use?

Answer: the little girl was a girl who was poor and was selling match box in a cold night. yes her slipper were no good because a boy took her slipper and another one was lost while running.

How did the little girl lose her shoes?

Answer: She had on a pair of slippers when she left home, but that was not of much use as they were very large slippers as it was her mothers; besides, she lost them as she hurried across the street, to avoid two carriages, that were driving at a fearful rate.

How did the little girl address her grandmother what did she say to her?

“Grandmother!” shouted the little one. “Take me with you! I know you will disappear when the match goes out, just like the warm stove, the goose, and the beautiful Christmas tree.” Quickly, she lighted all the matches she had left in her hand, so that her grandmother could not leave.

How did the little match girl lost her shoes?

How did she lose her shoes? i) ‘The Little Match Girl’ or the protangist of the story is referred to ‘little maiden’ in the extract. She lost her slippers when she was escaping from two carriages that were running very fast. One could not be found and other was taken by a boy.

What was the condition of the poor girl?

She is barefeet in the brutal cold as she has lost her oversized footwear while crossing street. She is forced and threatened to sell matchsticks by her father. She was scared because she was not able to sell any matchsticks that night. If she went home without any money, she would be beaten by her father.

What did the little girl say to her grandmother why what kind of relationship existed between the little girl and her grandmother?

Answer:The little Girl had a deep bond of love with her Grandmother . She loved her Grandmother the most .

What did the little girl wished from her grandmother?

Answer: The girl made haste to the light the whole bundle of matches,for she wished to keep her grandmother there.

How did the little girl start understanding her father 100 words?

It was her Her father asked her to rub her feet against his legs to make them warm. She felt sorry for her father. He worked hard. the lie was so tired that he had no time to play with her She realized that it was her fault to tear up the sheets.

How did the little girl feel when her father looked at her from the spectacle?

Answer: Kezia was afraid of her father because she always looked at him as someone who scolded her and told her to do things properly and in a certain manner. The grandmother also encourages Kezia to make a gift for her father’s birthday.

How did the father comfort the little girl?

How did the father comfort the little girl, Kezia, when she got scared in her sleep? Answer: The father came to Kezia’s room with a candle, lifted her up in his strong arms, lay beside her and made her stay close to him. This comforted Kezia when she got scared in her sleep.

How does the little girl feel about her father?

The little girl kezia was extremely afraid of her father in the beginning, since she didn’t know him well.

How did the little girl feel when her father went to work each day?

She felt relieved when she heard the sound of the carriage fading away. This is because she was scared of her father and he seemed to be a monster in her thoughts as he was quite large and had a deep voice.