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What does the government believe in Harrison Bergeron?

Plot and Conflict

What the Government Believes How Harrison is Different
Individualism is dangerous. He was willing to take risks.
People who do not conform must be jailed or shot. He was unafraid of the consequences of rebelling.
Everyone should be equal in all ways. He was extremely gifted in many ways.

What is the plot of the story Harrison Bergeron?

‘Harrison Bergeron’ is dystopian fiction, a story based on a society whose attempt to achieve perfection goes horribly wrong. The society in the story focuses on the ideal of equality where intelligence and strength have been destroyed in the process.

Why does George wear an earpiece but not Hazel?

Like his son, he has to wear mental handicap earphones in his ears to keep him from thinking intensely and analytically. Because he is stronger than average, he has to wear weights around his neck. Hazel has what is described as perfectly average intelligence, which means that she cannot think deeply about anything.

Why does the ballerina apologize for her voice?

In “Harrison Bergeron,” the ballerina has to apologize for her voice because it is considered “unfair” to others and unequal to the voices of her peers. The ballerina’s lovely voice is considered competitive and threatens to undermine the uniform structure of society.

What was Harrison in jail for?

Harrison Bergeron, the fourteen-year-old son of George and Hazel Bergeron, had been arrested in April 2081 and put in jail. He was suspected of trying to overthrow the government, although how he would have done so or what he actually tried to do is not overtly described in the story.

Does Harrison Bergeron overthrow the government?

In his act of rebellion, however, Harrison overreacts as he declares himself emperor; as a superhuman, he says he will be “a greater ruler than any man who has ever lived.” And, ironically, his attempt to overthrow the totalitarian government is totalitarian itself as he orders the musicians to remove their handicaps …

How old is Harrison and what handicaps does he have?

Harrison Bergeron is 14 years old. In the world that Vonnegut creates, he has carried the idea of “equality” to the final extreme–everyone is exactly the same, and that sameness is one that is not very good. In order for everyone to be equal, those people who are above average in any way are made to wear handicaps.

Why did the HG men take away Harrison?

At this time they have passed the 213th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in an effort to try to make everyone equal. In April the Bergerons’ son Harrison, who was fourteen-years-old, was taken away by H-G men to prison. This event was sad, but his parents did not dwell on it.

Why doesn’t George realize what just happened to his son?

George, who is extremely intelligent, is forced to wear headphones that make loud noises every twenty seconds in order to interrupt his thoughts. George’s wife, Hazel, can only think of things in short bursts, which means she cannot truly understand or comprehend the significance of her son on the television screen.

What does George suggest would happen to society if everyone cheated on handicapper laws?

He thinks that if people start disobeying the law, then everybody would start competing with everybody else, society start falling apart, and they would be in the Dark Ages again. * We can infer that George agrees with the laws, but doesn’t necessarily like them.