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What does it mean when a person is reflective?

What does it mean when a person is reflective?

The definition of reflective is something that produces a reflection or mirror image. It also is someone who is often deep in thought. An example of something that would be described as reflective is a person who is always thinking about his actions and the meaning of life.

How can a person be reflective?

Developing and Using Reflective PracticeRead – around the topics you are learning about or want to learn about and develop.Ask – others about the way they do things and why.Watch – what is going on around you.Feel – pay attention to your emotions, what prompts them, and how you deal with negative ones.

How do you do reflective learning?

What are the benefits of reflective learning?Record your development.Know your strengths and weaknesses.Understand how you learn.Develop self-awareness.Plan your own development.Learn about yourself.Articulate your skills/learning to others.Learn from your mistakes.