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What did Darwin conclude from his observations?

What did Darwin conclude from these observations? Darwin reasoned that plants or animals that arrived on the Galapagos Islands faced conditions that were different from those on the mainland. He hypothesized that the species gradually changed over many generations and became better adapted to the new conditions.

What did Charles Darwin observe on the Galapagos Islands?

His discoveries on the islands were paramount to the development of his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. On the islands, Charles Darwin discovered several species of finches. Thanks to his close observations, he discovered that the different species of finches varied from island to island.

What did Darwin notice about the plants and animals of Ecuador compared to the plants and animals of the Galapagos Islands?

Darwin noticed that the plants and animals on the different islands also differed. For example, the giant tortoises on one island had saddle-shaped shells, while those on another island had dome-shaped shells (see Figure below). Galápagos tortoises have differently shaped shells depending on which island they inhabit.

What did Darwin conclude regarding species and their environments?

Offspring vary in their heritable traits. Based on these simple observations, Darwin concluded the following: Over generations, the population will become adapted to its environment (as individuals with traits helpful in that environment have consistently greater reproductive success than their peers).

What is the first step of evolution?

Evolution can be seen as a two-step process. First, hereditary variation takes place; second, selection is made of those genetic variants that will be passed on most effectively to the following generations.

What are the factors that affect natural selection?

Natural selection occurs if four conditions are met: reproduction, heredity, variation in physical characteristics and variation in number of offspring per individual.Ordibehesht 5, 1396 AP

What is the main point of Darwin’s theory of evolution?

The four key points of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution are: individuals of a species are not identical; traits are passed from generation to generation; more offspring are born than can survive; and only the survivors of the competition for resources will reproduce.Farvardin 27, 1397 AP