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What chain of mountains runs the entire length of South America?

The Andes

What is a continuous chain of mountains in North and South America?

The American Cordillera is a chain of mountain ranges (cordilleras) that consists of an almost continuous sequence of mountain ranges that form the western “backbone” of North America, South America and Central America.

Which chain of mountains is the longest in the world?

mid-ocean ridge

Are presently curvy mountain ranges originally straight?

In a nutshell, their combined study has found that the curved pattern of the Cantabrian Arc was produced by the bending of an originally straight mountain range.

Which is higher Alps or Rockies?

The Rockies and the Alps are similar in height, but the difference, says Perrig, is that ski towns in the Alps tend to be located at lower altitudes, so you can ski longer and enjoy even more vertical drop before your tips hit asphalt. In parts of the Colorado Rockies they continue upwards all the way to 11,000 feet.

Which Alps are the most beautiful?

Top Destinations

  • Mount Lussari Village, Italy.
  • Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.
  • Bled, Slovenia.
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
  • Balzers, Liechtenstein.
  • Alpbach, Austria.
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France.

Are the Alps older than the Rocky Mountains?

The Alps are significantly “younger” than the Rocky Mountains, like about 30-50 million years younger. Although there are numerous other reasons for the topological differences between the Alps and the Rockies the age difference is a primary one.

Which mountain was the highest before Everest?


What Mountain has the best view?

Mount Everest

Where is the best mountains in the world?


  • Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  • Table Mountain (South Africa)
  • Ama Dablam (Nepal)
  • Bogda Peak (China)
  • Mount Everest (Nepal/Tibet)
  • Mount Fuji (Japan)
  • Zhangjiajie (China)
  • Jotunheimen Mountains (Norway)

What is the most photographed mountain in the world?

the Matterhorn