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What causes currents in the ocean?

Winds, water density, and tides all drive ocean currents. Coastal and sea floor features influence their location, direction, and speed. Earth’s rotation results in the Coriolis effect which also influences ocean currents.

How does ocean current affect climate?

Ocean currents act much like a conveyor belt, transporting warm water and precipitation from the equator toward the poles and cold water from the poles back to the tropics. Thus, ocean currents regulate global climate, helping to counteract the uneven distribution of solar radiation reaching Earth’s surface.

What are the 3 major currents present in the ocean?

Oceanic currents are driven by three main factors:

  • The rise and fall of the tides. Tides create a current in the oceans, which are strongest near the shore, and in bays and estuaries along the coast.
  • Wind. Winds drive currents that are at or near the ocean’s surface.
  • Thermohaline circulation.

Do bees smell with their knees?

They use their sense of smell to check queen quality, sort out friend from foe, locate their hive or new hive after swarming, and find forage. Their sense is so acute that they can they can catch a scent while in flight. Bees are able to detect scents with their mouths, antennae and tips of their legs (tarsi).

What smells do bees hate?

Bees also have a distaste for lavender oil, citronella oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, lemon, and lime. These are all topical defenses you can add to your skin to keep bees away. Unlike other flying insects, bees are not attracted to the scent of humans; they are just curious by nature.

What’s so special about bees knees?

Why Bees Knees Actually are the Best In the late 1700s, the expression “the bee’s knees,” was used to describe something very small and insignificant. The connotation changed somewhere around the 1920s to mean outstanding or the height of excellence.

What do bees knees mean?

: a highly admired person or thing : cat’s meow.

How do you use bees knees in a sentence?

Examples of ‘bee’s knees’ in a sentence bee’s knees

  1. We’d think we were the bee’s knees.
  2. We thought he was the bee’s knees.
  3. Well, isn’t she just the intellectual bee’s knees.
  4. They want to persuade you they are the bee’s knees.
  5. I use suitcase burners — they’re the bee’s knees.
  6. To us, it was the bee’s knees.

Is the bees knees an idiom?

The expression “the bee’s knees” means the height of excellence. The origins of the idiom are unclear. I’m going with the explanation that it’s just a nonsense, catchy phrase from the 1920s. Bees don’t really have knees, of course.