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What are the different types of supporting details?

There are two types of supporting details: major and minor. Major supporting details. These can be provided in examples, statistics, anecdotes, definitions, descriptions, or comparisons within the work.

How do you find supporting evidence?

Lesson SummaryRead and understand the question or claim.Closely read the text to find the answer.Note inferences and quotations from the passage that support the answer or claim.Analyze the evidence.Cite the evidence by including quotations of the excerpted text or by using these phrases:

What is the strongest piece of evidence?

Direct Evidence

What constitutes strong evidence?

By strong evidence, I mean evidence that provides confidence that a program would improve important educational outcomes if implemented faithfully in a similar population. Whether the findings from these trials constitute strong evidence, however, also depends on factors such as the following.

What does strong evidence mean?

Strong Evidence: • Presents an argument that makes sense. • Compelling evidence allows audience to believe. in the argument. • Based on facts, is the most valid, of any other. argument.

How does evidence support a claim?

Evidence serves as support for the reasons offered and helps compel audiences to accept claims. In a public speech, they offer audiences a way to see an idea illustrated in a particular case. To be effective, specific instances need to be representative of the broader trend or idea they are supporting.