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I’m currently running on less than six hours of sleep.

This is because I am somewhat of a masochist, at least when it comes to booking flights. I tend to book well in advance, and when I’m sitting comfortably at my computer booking on Kayak, the thought in my head is always the same:

“Hey, a 6 A.M. flight sounds great!”

I conveniently leave the details of getting up on time to dress, eat, and get to the airport on time to my future self. And so, future me (now present me) got up at 4 A.M. this morning (ok… past me) and groggily decided to shoot a video before leaving.

The tiredness brought some inspiration in between the yawns. You see, yesterday, I got a comment on the first video I made last year – the one that kicked off this entire YouTubing adventure (which, incidentally, is what got me up this morning – my flight was to VidCon).

In that video, I talked about my four-step process for having a productive day. One of the steps is simple: Wake up early. This is what prompted the comment:

“So what about going out during weekends? Do you never party to 3am?”

Short answer: The name is this website gives it away. My idea of a party involves either things that have to be done in daylight (going to the lake, grilling, etc) or things that involves game controllers. So I’m almost never far from my bed after the sun goes down.

Here’s the main thing I want to mention, though; waking up early is preference. In my opinion, it’s more important to have a consistent sleep schedule.

What if you want both, though? What if you want to have a consistent sleep schedule reap the benefits of waking up early?

More to the point – if you want these things, how do you reconcile them with staying up late on the weekends? Maybe you want to wake up consistently early during the week, but not have to do it on the weekends. Does that even work?

In this video, we’ll talk about that.

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Video Notes

  • The National Sleep Foundation’s recommendations on how many hours you should sleep (based on age ranges)
  • Harvard Medical School’s post on how light (especially blue light) can interfere with sleep
  • course on Coursera

So, how do you tackle your sleep schedule? Are you uber-consistent about the time window, or do you tend to focus on just getting enough hours (or do you just wing it?)

If you found this video interesting, keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be creating more videos on sleep in the future 🙂