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Is Texas twice the size of France?

France is about 1.2 times smaller than Texas. Texas is approximately 678,052 sq km, while France is approximately 551,500 sq km, making France 81.34% the size of Texas.

Is Mexico the size of Europe?

Of course it is not as big as Russia, Canada or the United States, but Mexico is large enough to accommodate 23 European countries inside its territory. While the larger countries of the old continent are not covered, some medium and small size can fit well within Mexican territory.

How many times can France fit into the United States?

United States is about 18 times bigger than France. France is approximately 551,500 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 1,683% larger than France.

Is Texas or France bigger?

The total area of France is 211,209 square miles, making France slightly smaller than two Colorados. France is smaller than the state of Texas at 268,820 square miles of area.

Is Russia larger than USA?

Russia is the world’s biggest country by land area, while the United States is either the third or the fourth largest (China’s claims to territories disputed by other countries, especially India, will determine which of the two countries is bigger than the other), with 17,098,242 sqm and 9,826,675 sqm, respectively.

Why does Russia look bigger than Africa?

The Mercator projection, the most popular world map, distorts the size of the shape of landmasses near the pole. This results in Russia looking bigger than Africa. Actually Africa can nearly fit two Russias.

Which country is bigger than Africa?

Top 15 countries

(Africa) 30.4
Russia 17.1
Canada 10.0
China 9.6
U.S. 9.5

What’s the richest country in Africa?