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Is Springfield VA a good place to live?

Springfield is in Fairfax County and is one of the best places to live in Virginia. In Springfield there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Many young professionals live in Springfield and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Springfield are above average.

What is Springfield Virginia known for?

Springfield is the main business center in the southern part of Fairfax County, which was originally founded as a station on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad in 1847. Springfield, Virginia is a nice local spot with ample entertainment opportunities both inside and out.

What is the cost of living in Springfield Virginia?

Springfield cost of living is 146.2

COST OF LIVING Springfield Virginia
Health 99.4 102.4
Housing 218.2 111.8
Median Home Cost $504,500 $258,400
Utilities 95.7 99.3

How far is Springfield from Washington DC?

Distance between Springfield and Washington, D.C. is 1088 kilometers (676 miles). Driving distance from Springfield to Washington, D.C. is 1259 kilometers (782 miles).

Does the metro go to Springfield VA?

These Metro lines stop near Springfield, VA: METRORAIL BLUE LINE.

Does DC metro go to Sterling VA?

There is no metro going there. Sterling is waaaaaaaaay out there.

What are the Silver Line stops?

  • Pacific Coast Highway Station. Los Angeles Harbor College, Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park.
  • Carson Station.
  • Figueroa/Victoria. Northbound/Eastbound to Downtown LA/El Monte Station.
  • Figueroa/190th.
  • Harbor Gateway Transit Center.
  • Rosecrans Station (no express)
  • Harbor Freeway Station.
  • Manchester Station (no express)

How far is Ashburn VA from DC?

Distance from Ashburn, VA to Washington, DC There are 25.97 miles from Ashburn to Washington in southeast direction and 35 miles (56.33 kilometers) by car, following the VA 267 route. Ashburn and Washington are 41 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Where will the silver line end?

The six stations in Phase 2 will run westward through Reston and Herndon to the Dulles Airport and ends at Route 772 in eastern Loudoun County….Silver Line Stations.

Phase 1 Phase 2
Tysons Corner Station Herndon Station
Greensboro Station Innovation Center Station
Spring Hill Station Dulles Airport Station

Does the Metro run to Dulles Airport?

Metrorail to Washington Dulles is now closer than ever. With direct service from Dulles Airport to Metro’s Silver Line, the Silver Line Express Bus provides a convenient, economical connection between Dulles’ Terminal and the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station on Metrotrail’s Silver Line.

Is the Silver Line free?

The fare for both the Silver Line 910 and Silver Line Express 950X is $2.50. Transfers from either line are free for up to two hours when using a TAP card. When transferring from a local line to either line, there is a $0.75 upcharge.

Is the Silver Line to Dulles open?

Silver Line Phase 2 will open no earlier than February 2022, MWAA says | Reston Now.

How much is an uber from Dulles to downtown DC?

Possible Flat Rates

IAD Airport ↔ Inside DC Beltway $65.00
Downtown Baltimore ↔ Inside DC Beltway $105
BWI Airport ↔ Inside DC Beltway $85.00

How much is taxi from Dulles Airport to Washington DC?

How much is the taxi fare to and from Washington D.C.? A taxi from Washington Dulles International Airport to the centre of Washington D.C. will cost you $ 70. Travel time to the centre of the city is approximately 50 minutes.

How much is a shuttle from Dulles to DC?

DC METRO BUS TO AND FROM DULLES Metrobus offers service between Dulles Airport and downtown D.C on the 5A. Prices: SmartTrip cards and cash | $7.50. Seniors and people with disabilities: $3.75.

Is Super Shuttle cheaper than Uber?

It depends. My experience in New York is that super shuttle is cheaper than Uber considering traveling distance. Super Shuttle used to be cheaper, but in recent 1-2 years they hiked the price by 40% so now Uber is cheaper.

How do I get Uber at Dulles Airport?

Pick up/Drop-off: Your Uber partner will drop you curbside at your airline’s departure gate at the terminal. If you’re arriving at IAD, pass through baggage claim on the lower level and meet at the arrivals curb. It’s best to coordinate which door (1-7) you should meet.

What is the best way to get from Dulles to downtown DC?

The Silver Line Express Bus provides nonstop service between Dulles Airport and the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station, which connects to the Silver Line of the D.C. metro. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the metro station on the Express Bus, and from there it’s about another 45 minutes on the train into the city.

How far is Dulles from DC?

Dulles is about 27 miles from downtown, about 10 miles closer than BWI, but about 20 miles further than Reagan/National. United Airlines has a hub at Washington Dulles, flying over 60% of the passengers arriving and departing the airport.

Is Dulles or BWI closer to DC?

Roughly a similar distance as Dulles from the district, BWI is located about 30 miles northeast from downtown Washington.

Does Amtrak go to Dulles Airport?

Dulles International Airport is one of Washington D.C.’s major airports. There are three Amtrak stations that are 30 to 40 minutes away by car: Manassas, Burke Centre (in Fairfax, Virginia) and Rockville (in Maryland).

Is Dulles airport easy to navigate?

Not enough Southwest flights. Siblings Malcolm and Serene Boachie said Dulles is far nicer and easier to navigate than their home airport, Dallas/Fort Worth. Instead, Dulles travelers will walk through a nearly 1,000-foot tunnel that connects the aboveground Metro station to the terminal.

Is there a train from Washington DC to Richmond VA?

Is there a direct train between Washington DC and Richmond? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Washington Union Station station and arriving at Richmond Main Street Amtrak Station station. Services depart twice daily, and operate every day.

Is there a train at Dulles?

AeroTrain has been in operation at Washington Dulles International Airport since 2010. Automated trains move passengers between the Terminal and the midfield gates for domestic and international departing flights and domestic arriving flights.

How do you get between terminals at Dulles Airport?

Passengers may move between concourses via a pedestrian walkway or by riding the AeroTrain. Car parking and ground transportation is located outside the terminal.

How much is an uber from BWI to DC?

BWI to DC Airport Taxi / Uber / Lyft The estimated cost for a trip to downtown DC is $90, though rates do vary. Uber/Lyft taken without any added surcharge fees usually cost between $41-$55, though the price can increase during rush hour.

How do I get from IAD to Union Station?

The fastest way to get from UNION STATION station to Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) is to taxi. Taking this option will cost $90 – $110 and takes 37 min. Is there a direct bus between UNION STATION station and Washington Dulles Airport (IAD)?

Is there a shuttle from Dulles Airport to Union Station?

Operated by Megabus and Virginia Breeze, the Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) to UNION STATION station bus service departs from Washington Dulles Airport and arrives in Washington. Typically seven buses run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can vary so check in advance.

How far is Dulles Airport from the White House?

23 miles

How much is parking at Dulles Airport?

Dulles Airport FAQs Daily parking rates range from $10-$35. The hourly rate at Terminal Parking is $6 and $25 for 24 hours. Parking Garages 1 & 2 have an hourly rate of $6 and $17 per day. Economy Parking Lot does not have hourly rates and charges $10 per day.