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Is Exeter a large city?

Is Exeter a large city?

List of towns and cities in Devon by population

2011 rank Town/city 2011 population
1 Plymouth 256,384
2 Exeter 117,773
3 Torquay 65,245
4 Paignton 49,021

Which part of England is Exeter?


What type of city is Exeter?

listen)) is a city in Devon, South West England. It is situated on the River Exe, approximately 36 miles (58 km) north-west of Plymouth and 65 miles (105 km) south-west of Bristol. In Roman Britain, Exeter was established as the base of Legio II Augusta under the personal command of Vespasian.

What is the capital of Exeter?

Is Exeter posh?

Exeter is well know for being somewhat of a preppy uni. Full of the Home Counties finest, shipped down to the South West every semester in daddies Range Rover, it is easy to think of Exeter as being one of the poshest establishments going.

Is Exeter a nice city?

There is no mistaking that both Exeter and Devon have been amongst the best places in the UK to live consistently over the last few years. Reports find that Exeter outscores other British cities in terms of mortality rates, cost of living, the amount of green space and crime rate.

Is Exeter rough?

There’s places that are “rough” for Exeter, but they’re not rough compared to other cities (even Plymouth, let alone somewhere like Birmingham or Leeds).

What are the nice areas of Exeter?

4. Re: Good areas to live in Exeter? May I suggest you start looking in St Leonards, Countess Wear, Heavitree and Pennsylvania and possibly Alphington. All of these areas apart from Alphington are the university side of the river.

Is Exeter expensive to live in?

Cost of living It is estimated that a single student living in Exeter or Cornwall will need approximately £1015 a month to meet basic living expenses such as accommodation, food, books and equipment and other necessities.

Is Exeter better than Plymouth?

Exeter has been rated the number one city for quality of life in a new report. Exeter comes out top as a place to live, beating Reading into second place with Plymouth coming in at four.

How safe is Exeter?

Safety & Crime Reassuringly for current and prospective students, the Complete University Guide has also voted Exeter the 6th most safe university town in England and Wales in a recent review. However, despite low crime rates, the city is not immune to crime.

What’s Exeter famous for?

2. Historic Exeter. Exeter has a fascinating history waiting to be discovered, including a Norman Cathedral and a historic quay and canal. Exeter Cathedral’s outstanding Gothic architecture is one of the most visited places in the West Country, and when you get inside and have look around you’ll see why.

Does Exeter have a beach?

Beaches Within Easy Reach Of Your Exeter Bed and Breakfast. Here at Event Exeter, we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few of our favourites to give you a helping hand. Whether it’s sand or pebbles that float your boat, our stunning coastline can definitely offer a paddling destination.

What is there to do in Exeter today?

  • Exeter Cathedral.
  • The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum.
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery – RAMM.
  • Exeter Golf & Country Club.
  • Exeter Quayside.
  • The Donkey Sanctuary.

What is there to do in Exeter for free?

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Exeter

  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery. Experience the splendour of the original Victorian spaces, see newly-revealed architectural features and discover new spaces.
  • Exeter’s Red Coat Guided Tours.
  • Custom House Visitor Centre.
  • Self-Guided Heritage Trails.
  • Exeter Guildhall.

What is there to do in Exeter on a rainy day?


  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery – RAMM. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) is one of Exeter City Council’s flagship services.
  • Exeter Cathedral. Medieval cathedral.
  • Exeter’s Underground Passages.
  • Quay Climbing Centre.
  • Queen St Dining.
  • Indoor Activities.

Where can I go on a date in Exeter?

  • Exeter Cathedral. 2,887. Points of Interest & Landmarks • Architectural Buildings.
  • Exeter Quay. 1,534. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum. 1,429. Speciality Museums.
  • Underground Passages. 613.
  • Sandy Park Stadium. 140.
  • Exeter Northcott Theatre. 156.
  • Pebblebed Vineyard. 136.
  • Exeter Phoenix. 103.

What is there to do in Devon for free?

, currently showing 1 to 20.

  • The Donkey Sanctuary. Sidmouth.
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery – RAMM. Exeter.
  • Thelma Hulbert Gallery. Honiton.
  • Burgh Island. Kingsbridge.
  • Exmouth Local Nature Reserve. Exmouth.
  • Ludwell Valley Park Trail. Exeter.
  • Custom House Visitor Centre. Exeter.
  • Dawlish Warren Nature & Wildlife Reserve.

What is there to do in Exeter during lockdown?

More outdoor attractions, gardens and countryside are open for visits….Devon cycle trails

  • The Tarka Trail.
  • Tamar Trails.
  • Plym Valley.
  • Stover Country Park.
  • Haldon Forest Country Park.

What is open in Exeter for kids?

For children aged over 5 years, Exeter Underground Passages are a must visit – take a guided tour of dark, narrow passages beneath the city’s streets….

  • Crealy Theme Park & Resort.
  • The Donkey Sanctuary.
  • Exeter Red Coat Guided Tours.
  • Powderham Castle.
  • Devon’s Top Attractions.
  • Wildwood Escot.

How do I get from Exeter to Torquay?

The train journey time between Exeter and Torquay is around 45 min and covers a distance of around 26 miles. The fastest train normally takes 33 min. Operated by First Great Western Service and CrossCountry, the Exeter to Torquay train service departs from Exeter St Davids and arrives in Torquay.

Is Haldon Forest Open?

Open 364 days a year, it’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. With miles of trails for walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders, there’s something for everyone at Haldon Forest Park.

What is there to do in Haldon Forest?

Activities at Haldon Forest Park

  • Nordic Walking at Haldon Forest Park.
  • Running trails at Haldon Forest Park.
  • Walking at Haldon Forest Park.
  • Yurt hire at Haldon Forest Park.
  • Cycling and mountain biking trails at Haldon Forest Park.
  • Discovery trail at Haldon Forest Park.
  • Forest Find | Haldon Forest Park.

How old is Haldon Forest?

Haldon is one of the few sites in Devon where there is evidence of settlement in early Neolithic times (around 4000 BC). There are an estimated 26 Bronze Age tumuli on Haldon, though because of the frequent use of the gravel and flints for road building, many more may have been destroyed.

Can dogs go to Haldon Forest?

I love taking my Pooch here. Very well laid out with a number of different walks. parking, toilets and picnic areas all available.

How do you get to eggesford forest?

By train: the Tarka Line runs between Exeter and Barnstaple. The train stops at Eggesford Station. Follow signs to the Eggesford Gardens and Country Centre and take the Public Footpath past All Saints Church and into Hilltown Wood.

How do I get to Haldon Forest from Exeter?

The bus journey time between Exeter and Haldon Forest is around 25 min and covers a distance of around 6 miles. The fastest bus normally takes 25 min. Operated by Country Bus, the Exeter to Haldon Forest bus service departs from Exeter City Centre, Marks and Spencer and arrives in Dunchideock, Haldon Belvedere.