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Is an obtuse triangle always right triangle?

Is an obtuse triangle always right triangle?

An obtuse angle is one that measures more than 90°. A triangle cannot have two 90° angles, there an obtuse triangle is NEVER a right triangle. In an equilateral triangle, the three angles are equal. Since the three angles total 180°, they are each 60°.

Which triangles do not have obtuse angles?

An equilateral triangle can never be obtuse. Since an equilateral triangle has equal sides and angles, each angle measures 60°, which is acute. Therefore, an equilateral angle can never be obtuse-angled.

Is a right triangle always an acute triangle?

If any angle becomes 90 degrees or more, it is not an acute triangle. In any triangle, two of the interior angles are always acute (less than 90 degrees)*, so there are three possibilities for the third angle: Less than 90° – all three angles are acute and so the triangle is acute. Exactly 90° – it is a right triangle.

What does a triangle pendant mean?

The triangle symbol is not just a geometrical shape In Christianity; the triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity (The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) Depending on where the triangle faces, it can mean different things. An upward moving triangle is known as a blade, and a symbol of the male force, fire, rising or aspiration.

What does 3 circles tattoo mean?

my crazy life

When did the Black Triangle happen?

November 1989

What is general pollution?

Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. Pollutants can be natural, such as volcanic ash. They can also be created by human activity, such as trash or runoff produced by factories. Pollutants damage the quality of air, water, and land.

What is inverted black triangle on pharmaceutical product label?

What does a black triangle on a medicine mean? Medicines under additional monitoring carry a black triangle symbol (an inverted equilateral black triangle (▼)). The black triangle alerts both patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) that the medicine is being closely monitored by European regulatory authorities.