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Inside Habitica – a Tool That Turns Habit-Building Into a Video Game (Ep. 56)

Building new habits can be really tough.

Here’s something that’s not so tough, however – grinding levels in Or hunting for legendaries in 

Video games – especially RPGs – are incredibly good at instilling habits that keep you playing for hours and hours. What if you could attack real-life habit-building challenges with the same levels of motivation?

HabitRPG is an app that lets you do that. For me, HabitRPG has been the best tool hands-down for building strong habits that I’ve ever used; with it, I was able to build the writing habit that helped me finish my daily exercise habits, a strong morning routine, and more.

At this point, I’ve been using HabitRPG for around seven months, and it forms the foundation of my day-to-day productivity system. I’ve also been working to build a guild of CIG readers within the app – which is now over 400 members strong!

I can confidently say that HabitRPG has made me a more disciplined and all-around better person. For that reason, I was to get the chance to talk to two of the app’s co-founder – Siena Leslie and Vicky Hsu.

Siena is HabitRPG’s community manager, and Vicky handles the business side of things as the CEO. In this episode, you’ll learn how their team (along with a huge number of passionate volunteers) helped build HabitRPG into what it is today.

You’ll also get to see some of the cool ways each of them uses the app to be more productive! (I learned a few new tricks during this conversation myself) Enjoy!

Also, if you’d like a quick, visual overview of HabitRPG, check my video review:

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • HabitRPG
  • Join the CIG guild!
  • How I turned HabitRPG into a workout tracker
  • Follow Vicky on Twitter
  • Follow Siena on Twitter
  • (one of my essential reads for students)
  • Browser Quest

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