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In which sphere can water be found?


Where do we find water in Earth’s system?

Earth’s water is (almost) everywhere: above the Earth in the air and clouds, on the surface of the Earth in rivers, oceans, ice, plants, in living organisms, and inside the Earth in the top few miles of the ground.

Which country is center of the Earth?

In 2003, a refined result was yielded by Holger Isenberg: 40°52′N 34°34′E, also in Turkey, near the district of İskilip, Çorum Province, approx. 200 km northeast of Ankara. In 2016, Google Maps marked Isenberg’s result of 40°52′N 34°34′ECoordinates: 40°52′N 34°34′E as the geographical center of Earth.

Who was the 1st convert to Islam?

First. The first four converts to Islam at the time of Muhammad were: Khadija bint Khuwaylid – First person to convert and first female convert. Ali ibn Abi Talib – First male in Muhammad’s family to convert.

Which Sahabi died first?

All three were savagely tortured by Abu Jahl and the other infidels. Sumayya, Yasir’s wife, died while she was being tortured. She thus became the First Martyr in Islam. A little later, her husband, Yasir, was also tortured to death, and he became the ‘Second Martyr in Islam’.

Where do Muslims face when they pray?


Who was the first woman to memorize the Quran?

Hafsah bint-e-Umar

What happens if a hafiz forgets Quran?

There is no punishment for forgetting the Qur’an. So actually there is no punishment for forgetting Qur’an because forgetting the Qur’an is the punishment for sins or something bad you kept doing for sometime. So if you memorize the Qur’an then you did sins after that then you will be punished by forgetting the Qur’an.

How many people can a hafiz bring to heaven?

But becoming a hafiz is also believed to bring rewards in the hereafter, guaranteeing the person entrance to heaven, along with 10 other people of his choosing, provided he does not forget the verses and continues to practice Islam.