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In what quadrant does the angle 980 lie?

second quadrant

What quadrant is the angle in?

Quadrants & Quadrantal Angles Angles between 0∘ and 90∘ are in the first quadrant. Angles between 90∘ and 180∘ are in the second quadrant. Angles between 180∘ and 270∘ are in the third quadrant. Angles between 270∘ and 360∘ are in the fourth quadrant.

What quadrant is a 165 degree angle in?

What is the Coterminal angle of 165?

Coterminal angle of 165°: 525°, 885°, -195°, -555°

What is the reference angle for a angle?

In mathematics, the reference angle is defined as the acute angle and it is measuring less than 90 degrees. It is always the smallest angle, and it makes the terminal side of an angle with the x-axis.

What is the reference angle of 90?

π / 2

What is the reference angle of 5pi 6?

The negative sign means that the angle is measured clockwise coming from the negative x-axis making the reference angle of 5π6 5 π 6 as −30∘ or −π6.

What is the reference angle for 7pi 6?

7pi/6 is 6pi/6 +pi/6. This is 180° +30° = 210°. The reference angle is simply the acute angle in reference to the x axis. In this case it’s the 30° angle with the x axis.

What is pi 4 a reference angle for?

Since π4 is in the first quadrant, the reference angle is π4 .

What is the reference angle of seven pi over four?

Algebra Examples Since π4 is in the first quadrant, the reference angle is π4 .

Are reference angles ever negative?

In particular, reference angles are never negative . A reference angle can be zero: this happens when the original angle’s terminal point lies on the x -axis.

What are the two properties of reference angles?

A reference angle is an acute angle, measuring less than 90 degrees, that has its initial side on the positive x-axis and terminal side in the first quadrant. An angle has the same properties as the reference angle. Often it is easier to use the reference angle because it is smaller.

What happens when you get a negative angle?

2 Answers. Negative angles has to do with the direction of rotation that you consider in order to measure angles. Normally you start counting your angles from the positive side of the x axis in an anti-clockwise direction of rotation: negative is the equivalent of these words in math.

What is the reference angle in a right triangle?


Can your reference angle ever be the 90 degree angle?

As you can see from the figure above, the reference angle is always less than or equal to 90°, even for very large angles. Drag the point around the origin several times. Note how the reference angle always remain less than or equal to 90°, even for large angles.

What is the reference angle for a 240 angle?

60 degrees

What is the reference angle of 315?


What is the reference angle for a 210 angle?

This is a standard angle; so, we start in the East (to the right or the positive x-axis) and then rotate counterclockwise. Next we would calculate the reference angle. 210 degrees is 30 degrees past 180, which means the reference angle is 30 degrees.

What type of angle is 240 degrees?

Obtuse Angle – An angle more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees. Straight Angle – An angle that is exactly 180 degrees. Reflex Angle – An angle greater than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees.