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Today we’re going to talk about coping with rejection, learning from it, and using it to improve in the future.

As you go through life, you’ll face rejection of all kinds: people you find attractive will turn you down, job interviews won’t pan out, and scholarship committees won’t select your application.

In this episode, I’ll recount some instances in my life where I’ve been rejected and talk about what I learned from them.

We’ll also dive into how to deal with rejection and use it to improve, and also touch on what rejection in one instances means for your future.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Episode 11 – How I built College Info Geek
  • 5 Stellar Time Management Tips – the first article I ever wrote
  • Last episode, which discusses the “healthy amount of narcissism”
  • Better job interviews through storytelling
  • 97 tips for becoming a better job candidate
  • Negativity bias
  • Availability heuristic

My video on the Equal Odds Rule and Ira Glass’ advice on matching up your taste and your ability to create:

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