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How many structures are possible for a octahedral molecule with a formula of?

Answer Expert Verified. There are only two possible structures for an octahedral molecule with a formula of ax4y2.

Which is a square planar molecule?

Structure of cisplatin, an example of a molecule with the square planar coordination geometry….

Square planar molecular geometry
Examples XeF4, PtCl 2− 4
Point group D4h
Coordination number 4
Bond angle(s) 90°

Why is Pt II square planar?

Platinum has bigger d orbitals than nickel does, which can hold more electron density more capably, because the electron density can be more spread out in a larger d orbital. Therefore, platinum can support a higher-energy structure such as the square planar structure.

Is Ni Co 4 square planar?

[Ni(CO)4 has a tetrahedral geometry whereas [Ni(CN)4]4– has square planar geometry. Why? The valence shell electronic configuration of ground state Ni atom is 3d8 4s2. All of these 10 electrons are pushed into 3d orbitals and get paired up when strong field CO ligands approach Ni atom.

Why is nicl4 tetrahedral and NI CN 4 square planar?

There are 4 CN− ions. Thus, it can either have a tetrahedral geometry or square planar geometry. Since CN− ion is a strong field ligand, it causes the pairing of unpaired 3d electrons. CN– will cause pairing of electrons.

How do you know if a molecule is tetrahedral or square planar?

Square planar complexes have a four tiered diagram (i.e. four different sets of orbitals with different energies). If it has a two tiered crystal field splitting diagram then it is tetrahedral.

Why square planar structure is more stable than octahedral?

These complexes differ from the octahedral complexes in that the orbital levels are raised in energy due to the interference with electrons from ligands. This means that most square planar complexes are low spin, strong field ligands.

How do you know if a ligand is strong or weak?

Ligands that produce a large splitting are called strong field ligands, and those that produce a small splitting are called weak field ligands.

Which complex has square planar structure?

[Cu(NH3)4]2+ is a square planar complex involving dsp2-hybridisation (see text).

What is the hybridization of square planar?

Square Planar

Shape: square planar
Lone Pairs: 2
Polar/NonPolar: NonPolar
Hybridization: sp3d2
Example: XeF4

Which of the following is NOT a square planar complex?

Thus [NiCl4]2 has tetrahedral geometry and not square planar geometry.

Which of the following is having a square planar structure?

XeF4 has square planar geometry. Was this answer helpful?

Which one of the following has the regular tetrahedral structure?

Boron has sp3 hybridisation with 4 bond pairs and no lone pairs. BF4− has regular tetrahedral geometry.

Which is not a linear molecule is?

The oxygen in H2O has 2 bond pairs and 2 lone pairs (again 4 total pairs). The electron pair orientation around O is tetrahedral. Two corners of the tetrahedron are missing because they are occupied by lone pairs and not atoms. The shape is called bent.