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How many pounds is 98 fluid ounces?

Convert 98 Ounces to Pounds

oz lb
98.00 6.125
98.01 6.1256
98.02 6.1263
98.03 6.1269

Is a pound of feathers the same as a pound of rocks?

A pound is a pound, and whether it is a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks, it doesn’t matter. It’s still a pound. THINK ABOUT IT! Answer: They both weigh the same (100 pounds).

What’s heavier cotton or brick?

If we assume that kilograms refer to mass (which is right and proper) but that “heavier” refers to weight, and moreover that weight is being measured in air, rather than in vacuum (which is usual), then the cotton will weigh slightly less, because the buoyant effect of air is proportional to volume and 5kg of cotton …

What is heavier a pound?

Abstract. “Which weighs more–a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?” The seemingly naive answer to the familiar riddle is the pound of lead. The correct answer, of course, is that they weigh the same amount.

Which is heavier 1kg cotton or 1kg stone?

A simple answer is, both are same weight. Because, a kg of cotton= a kg of stone. Since both cotton and stone are of same mass I.e. 1 kg, both will be same .

Which is more heavier 1kg cotton or iron?

The cotton bag’s density is less than that of the iron bar, so the volume of the cotton bag is more compared to the iron bar. So the cotton bag experience more upthrust due to the presence of air. Therefore, in the presence of air, the cotton bag’s true weight is more compared to the true weight of the iron bar.

Who uses the smallest weight?

(ii) The smallest weight is used in a grocery shop. 2. Have you seen any of these balances? Ans.

Which is more denser 1kg cotton or 1kg sand Why?

One kg sand is more denser than 1 kg cotton because density = mass / volume . The volume required by cotton is more than the sand and density and volume are inversely proportional.

What’s heavier a kilogram?

A gram (g) is used to measure the weight or mass of very light objects. A small paperclip weighs about a gram. A kilogram (kg) is used to measure the weight or mass of heavier objects. A one-liter bottle of water weighs about a kilogram.

Which is heavier ice or water?

For example, if we take the same volume of water and ice in the same container, water would weigh more than ice. The reason is that water is denser than ice and the space it occupies is less as compared to that occupied by ice. Therefore, ice floats on water since its density is less than that of water.