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How many chlorine atoms are there in one molecule of HCl?

two atoms

How many atoms are present in 2HCl?

Percent composition by element

Element Symbol # of Atoms
Chlorine Cl 1
Hydrogen H 3

How many atoms are there in 3 molecules of water?

Chemical Formula of Water There are two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen in each water molecule, making the formula H2O. So, each molecule of water contains 3 atoms.

What is Hermione Granger’s fatal flaw?

For all of Hermione’s many strengths, one of her biggest weaknesses was that she could be close-minded. She often thought her way of viewing the world was the only right one, and she would shut down anything that seemed illogical to her.

What is Hermione afraid of?

Part of the reason Hermione worked so hard was that she was terrified of getting things wrong and letting people down – a common trait among high achievers. Hermione did everything perfectly until she reached the trunk with the Boggart in it. After about a minute inside it, she burst out again, screaming. ‘Hermione!

What is Hermione Granger’s personality?

Personality. Hermione’s most prominent features include her prodigious intellect and cleverness. She is levelheaded, book-smart, and always very logical. Throughout the series, Hermione uses the skills of a librarian and teacher to gather the information necessary to defeat Voldemort, the “Dark Lord”.

What is Harry Potter’s character flaw?

Tends to be arrogant. He isn’t a very good friend much of the time. Hermione and Ron spend way more time worrying about how Harry is feeling and making him feel better than he spends worrying about how Ron and Hermione are feeling.

Why is Harry Potter a boring character?

Harry Potter was the most boring character in the series because he spent 10 years of his life in a goddamn cupboard. Harry had 10 years of abuse, limited social interaction and no means or experiences to become a normal, healthy kid. He never had a chance to develop an “interesting” personality.

Why is Harry Potter so angry?

It was mainly due to his emotional connection with Voldemort. At many points in the book, he himself had admitted to unexplained anger. He didn’t understand why he felt anger. this is logical, because at times he displayed a searing hate for Dumbledore, which is actually not normal coming from Harry Potter himself.

What are the biggest plot holes in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter: 10 Plot Holes That Make No Sense (Even If You’ve Read The Books)

  • 5 Why Wouldn’t Voldemort Make The Death Eaters Take The Unbreakable Vow?
  • 6 Using Multiple Wands.
  • 7 The Magic Behind Thestrals.
  • 8 Harry, Hermione and Ron’s Food Crisis.
  • 9 How Functional Is The Trace?
  • 10 The Painting Inconsistency.

Who all died in Harry Potter?

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most difficult deaths in Harry Potter, Ranked.

  1. 1 Fred Weasley. “Fred’s eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face.” –
  2. 2 Dobby.
  3. 3 Hedwig.
  6. 6 Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody.

Is Neville Longbottom the chosen one?

Both Harry and Neville were chosen by the prophecy but, in the end, when it comes down to it Voldemort chose Harry over Neville and gave Harry his scar. Neville might not have been the Chosen One but he is every bit as brave as Harry Potter was and he continued to prove that to readers all throughout the series.