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Honda Rancher 420 Top Speed The stock Honda Rancher 420 has a top speed of approximately 55mph. A rev limiter prevents the ATV from going faster. These speeds, however, can change depending on the rider’s weight, the nature of the landscape and the Honda Rancher 420 model you are riding.

How much is a 2008 Honda Rancher worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,399 $3,000
Options (Add)
Total Price $5,399 $3,000

Is a Honda Rancher 420 a good ATV?

The Honda Rancher 420 4X4 is one of the most consistent and dependable utility ATV’s on the market.

How fast is a 2021 Honda Rancher 420?

I could only get 48 mph it my have had a little more.

How much horsepower does a 2021 Honda Rancher 420 have?

2021 Rancher 420 ATV Horsepower: 26.6 HP @ 6,250 RPM. 2021 Rancher 420 ATV Torque: 24.6 lb/ft TQ @ 5,000 RPM. 2021 Rancher 420 ATV Miles Per Gallon: 41.4 MPG.

How can I make my Honda Rancher 420 faster?

The only way to make your Rancher “faster” is to make it lighter and more powerful. New heavy tires will make it heavier/slower. A winch will make it heavier/slower.

How much HP does a 2020 Honda Rancher 420 have?

How much horsepower does the Rancher 420 have? The Rancher 420 is manufactured with a 420cc horsepower single-cylinder engine. Liquid cooled, electronically fuel injected and ready to ride, it has the ability to race down the trail at a good speed. The stats say top speed for this machine stock is 56 mph.

What does a Honda 420 weigh?

676 lb.

How much can a Honda 420 pull?

TOWING CAPACITY No problem—the Rubicon is up to the task. With a towing capacity that’s over 1300 pounds, the Rubicon can really pull a load.

How much can a Honda Foreman tow?

2021 Honda FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Specifications

Model FourTrax Foreman 4×4 (TRX520FM1)
Towing Capacity 848 lbs.
Payload Capacity 88 lbs. F / 176 lbs. R
Fuel Capacity 3.9 gal. incl. 1.3-gal. reserve
Curb Weight* 636 lbs.

How big is a Honda Rancher gas tank?


What size motor is a Honda Rancher?

The engine displacement is 329 cubic centimeters delivered by a 32-millimeter Keihin carburetor, and its compression ratio is 8:7:1. Fuel tank capacity is 3.4 gallons/12.9 liters.

What is a 2000 Honda Rancher worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,399 $1,515
Options (Change)
Total Price $5,399 $1,515

How much gas does a Honda Rancher 420 hold?

2017 Honda Rancher 420 ATV Review / Specs – TRX420FM1 4×4 (Manual Shift)

Model Rancher 4×4 Automatic DCT IRS EPS (TRX420FA6) Rancher 4×4 (TRX420FM1)
Wheelbase 50.9 in. 49.9 in.
Turning Radius 11.5 ft. 9.2 ft.
Fuel Capacity 3.9 gal., incl. 1.3 gal. reserve
Colors Black, Honda Phantom Camo® Red, Olive, Honda Phantom Camo

How far can an ATV go on a tank of gas?

In general though, ATVs can go anywhere between 40 – 200 miles on a single tank of gas, depending on the tank size, the type of driving, the type of ATV, etc.

How much is a 2020 Honda Rancher?

2020 TRX420 RANCHER – Starting at $7,699 | Tri-Town Motorsports.