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How does El Nino affect rainfall?

El Niño occurs when warm water builds up along the equator in the eastern Pacific. In the United States, the strongest change in rainfall is in the southeast, the region closest to the pool of warm Pacific water. During El Niño years, such as 1997, the southeast receives more rain than average.

How does El Nino affect water?

During an El Niño event, the surface waters in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean become significantly warmer than usual. It also reduces the upwelling of cooler, nutrient-rich waters from the deep—shutting down or reversing ocean currents along the equator and along the west coast of South and Central America.

When was the worst drought in Australia?


How long was the last drought in Australia?

Exacerbating the effects of diminished rainfall in this drought has been a record breaking run of above average monthly temperatures, lasting 36 months to October 2019.

Can humans cause drought?

Human activity can directly trigger exacerbating factors such as over farming, excessive irrigation, deforestation, and erosion adversely impact the ability of the land to capture and hold water. In arid climates, the main source of erosion is wind.

What happens if there is a drought?

When a drought occurs, their food supply can shrink and their habitat can be damaged. Sometimes the damage is only temporary and their habitat and food supply return to normal when the drought is over. But sometimes drought’s impact on the environment can last a long time, maybe forever.

What is the meaning of Draught?

Draught is the British spelling of the word draft. A cold burst of wind, a swig or a serving of a drink, the act of pulling a heavy load, and the depth of a ship below the surface of the water: each of these can be called a draught.

How do you say good thoughts?

Synonyms for Nice thought

  1. good thought. n.
  2. beautiful thought.
  3. lovely thought.
  4. wonderful thought. n.
  5. good thing.
  6. great idea.
  7. happy thought.
  8. nice idea.