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The airfoil is described by seven digits in the following sequence:

What is the zero lift angle of attack AOA for a NACA 4412 airfoil?

0° to 12°

What does every number of NACA 4412 airfoil mean?

2. The NACA 4412 is a four digit airfoil. The first digit expresses the camber in percent chord, the second digit gives the location of the maximum camber point in tenths of chord, and the last two digits gives the thickness in percent chord.

  1. The number “7” indicating the series.
  2. One digit describing the distance of the minimum pressure area on the upper surface in tenths of the chord.
  3. One digit describing the distance of the minimum pressure area on the lower surface in tenths of the chord.

What is the thickness in NACA 2412 airfoil?


How do you read a 5 digit NACA?

NACA Five-Digit Series: The first digit, when multiplied by 3/2, yields the design lift coefficient (cl) in tenths. The next two digits, when divided by 2, give the position of the maximum camber (p) in tenths of chord. The final two digits again indicate the maximum thickness (t) in percentage of chord.

What airfoil generates the most lift?

Airfoil Three

Which wing shape gives most efficient lift at low speeds?


How do heavy things fly?

Thrust pushes things that are flying. For example, when the thrust force is bigger than the drag force, an airplane speeds up. When the lift force is bigger than the weight force, the airplane goes up faster. When forces are balanced, objects do not accelerate.

What is the most important force of flight?

Perhaps the most importance force to a pilot is lift. Lift directly opposes the weight of the aircraft to keep it aloft. As the aircraft moves faster, lift increases until its force is equal to weight. When equilibrium between weight and lift is established, the aircraft is pushed upward.

Do fighter pilots get shorter?

TIL fighters pilots lose an average of 1 inch of height every time they use the ejection seat, due to the amount of G’s placed on their body. So I could say I’m a fighter pilot and thats why I’m short!