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How do you label a diagram?

How do you label a diagram?

Specifically, in practice, we should: Put caption for an image, table, or diagram right below or right next to it. The standard practice is to put the caption below the image. When needed, provide labels and if applicable, accompanied explanation for each part of the diagram right inside the diagram.

How do I label a table in Word?

Add captionsSelect the object (table, equation, figure, or another object) that you want to add a caption to.On the References tab, in the Captions group, click Insert Caption.In the Label list, select the label that best describes the object, such as a figure or equation.

How do you keep a table and caption together in Word?

To do that, click anywhere in the last row of the table. Then: Word will keep the last paragraph of the table on the same page as the caption below it….To do that:In Word 2000 and earlier: Insert > Caption.In Word 2002 and Word 2003: Insert > Reference > Caption.In Word 2007 and Word 2010: References > Insert Caption.

How do I select a table in Word?

To select an entire table, move your mouse over the table until you see the table selection icon in the upper-left corner of the table and click on it to select the table. When working within a table, the Table Tools tab appears in the Ribbon, and includes the Design and Layout tabs.

What are two methods to select a table?

2. Select an entire table using a keyboard and mouse. If your press Alt and double-click anywhere in a table, the entire table will be selected (Word also opens the Research pane).

How do I move a table freely in Word?

Follow these steps:Select the table.Right-click the table and select Table Properties.In the Table tab, under Text Wrapping, click Around.Click the Positioning button.Under Horizontal, click the drop-down arrow in the Position box and select Center.Click the drop-down arrow in the Relative To box and select Page.

How do I insert one cell in a table in Word?

Add a cellClick in a cell that is to the right of or above where you want to insert a cell.Under Table Tools, click the Layout tab.Click the arrow at the bottom, right-hand corner of the Rows & Columns section.Click one of the following options. Click. To. Shift cells right.

How would you add or remove cells in a table?

Under Table Tools, on the Layout tab, in the Rows & Columns group, do one of the following:To add a row above the selected cell, click Insert Above.To add a row below the selected cell, click Insert Below. Notes: To add a row at the end of a table, you can click the rightmost cell of the last row, and then press TAB.

How do you continue a table in Word?

In the table, right-click in the row that you want to repeat, and then click Table Properties. In the Table Properties dialog box, on the Row tab, select the Repeat as header row at the top of each page check box. Select OK.