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How do you find the sin if theta is cos theta given?

Therefore, if one angle is 90 degrees we can figure out Sin Theta = Cos (90 – Theta) and Cos Theta = Sin (90 – Theta).

What is the sign of cosine in quadrant 2?

It means: In the first quadrant (I), all ratios are positive. In the second quadrant (II), sine (and cosec) are positive. In the third quadrant (III), tan (and cotan) are positive. In the fourth quadrant (IV), cos (and sec) are positive.

What is the value of cos theta and sin theta?

If θ be an acute angle, the values of sin θ and cos θ lies between 0 and 1 (both inclusive). sin 60° = √3/4 = √3/2; cos 90° = √(4/4) = 1. cos 90° = √(0/4) = 0.

What is 2 cos theta sin theta?

The double angles sin(2theta) and cos(2theta) can be rewritten as sin(theta+theta) and cos(theta+theta). Applying the cosine and sine addition formulas, we find that sin(2theta)=2sin(theta)cos(theta). Sine of 2 theta equals 2 sine theta cosine theta.

What is cos theta equal to?

Cosine theta equals x, sine theta equals y and tangent theta equals y over x, where x and y are the coordinates of the point on the terminal side of the angle. And the 3 new functions are secant theta, cosecant theta and cotangent theta. Secant theta is defined as 1 over x.

Is Quadrant 4 positive or negative?

In Quadrant I, both the x– and y-coordinates are positive; in Quadrant II, the x-coordinate is negative, but the y-coordinate is positive; in Quadrant III both are negative; and in Quadrant IV, x is positive but y is negative.

What are the minimum and maximum values that sin a can have?

The sine function ranges from -1 to 1, and since there is a two multiplied by the function, the minimum is -2 and the maximum is 2. 3. The sine function ranges between -1 and 1, so the minimum is -1 and the maximum is 1.

What is maximum value of sin theta?

Maximum value of sin θ is 1 when θ = 90 ˚. Minimum value of sin θ is –1 when θ = 270 ˚.

What is the maximum value of sin theta cos theta?

Hence, only at θ=π4 function f(θ) is attaining a maximum. From the above, we have found the maximum value of sinθ+cosθ as √2 .

What is the maximum value of sin 3 Theta?

In any right triangle hyp is always the greatest side. So as a result sin Φ can never be greater than 1 . The vl maximum value of sin theta is infinite.

What is the maximum value of 3 by Cosec Theta justify your answer?

Answer: Step-by-step explanation: 3 / cosec x = 3 sin x <= 3. the maximum value is therefore 3.

What is the maximum value of 2 by cos theta justify your answer?

Answer. i.e maximum value of 2/cosec A is 2.

What is the minimum value of sec theta and Cosec Theta?

Answer. Answer: Minimum value of sec a and cosec a is 1.

What is value of sec theta?

the equation sec(theta)=-1 turns to 1/cos(theta)=-1, which is equivalent to cos(theta)=-1. The only values of theta that satisfy this are theta=pi +2k pi for k in ZZ. If you prefer the notation with degrees: theta=180°+360°k for k in ZZ.

How is sec theta calculated?

There are three reciprocal trigonometric functions, making a total of six including cosine, sine, and tangent. The reciprocal cosine function is secant: sec(theta)=1/cos(theta). The reciprocal sine function is cosecant, csc(theta)=1/sin(theta).

What is the value of sec theta minus one?

Then the equation sec(θ)=−1 turns to 1cos(θ)=−1 , which is equivalent to cos(θ)=−1 . The only values of θ that satisfy this are θ=π+2kπ for k∈Z . If you prefer the notation with degrees: θ=180°+360°k for k∈Z .

What is the formula of sec theta minus one?

(secθ−1)(secθ+1)=sec2θ−1=sin2θcos2θ . =sin2θcos2θ , as above! Aviv S.

Is sec theta possible?

So sec(theta) = 0.5 is NOT possible.

What is 1ta Theta?

sec(theta) = 1 / cos(theta) = c / b. tan(theta) = sin(theta) / cos(theta) = a / b. cot(theta) = 1/ tan(theta) = b / a. sin(-x) = -sin(x) csc(-x) = -csc(x)