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How do you find the derivative of tangent?

We can get the derivatives of the other four trig functions by applying the quotient rule to sine and cosine. For instance, ddx(tan(x))=(sin(x)cos(x))′=cos(x)(sin(x))′−sin(x)(cos(x))′cos2(x)=cos2(x)+sin2(x)cos2(x)=1cos2(x)=sec2(x).

What is the derivative of sec2x?

We see that the derivative of sec 2 x is 2sec 2 x tan x.

What’s the derivative of cos 2x?

Using the chain rule to find the derivative of cos^2x

cos2x ► Derivative of cos2x = -sin(2x)
cos 2 x ► Derivative of cos 2 x = -sin(2x)
(cosx)^2 ► Derivative of (cosx)^2 = -sin(2x)
cos squared x ► Derivative of cos squared x = -sin(2x)
cosx2 ► Derivative of cosx2 = -sin(2x)

How many times can you take the CSC?

+ How Many Times Can I Attempt To Write The Exam? For most CSI courses, you may attempt an exam a maximum of three times during your course enrolment period, including any extensions you may have purchased.

Is the CSC course worth it?

The course itself is a large investment—in time and money. Taking the course online costs $985 for the two required multiple-choice exams and online textbook in lieu of the more expensive physical textbook and extra study aides. But some journalists say the course is a worthwhile investment.

Which is better IFIC or CSC?

Honestly depending on where you want to go in the future, having the CSC will be more beneficial. IFIC is good if you want to any Mutual Funds sales or operations role or anything in dealer relations at an mutual funds company.

How much does the CSC cost?

Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Enrollment

Canadian Securities Course (CSC®)
Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) Value Pack Combo* $1580.00
Online, interactive version with online PDF, eBook and hard-copy textbook $1280.00
Online, interactive version with online PDF and eBook textbook $1180.00

Is IFIC exam difficult?

ific just a MF focussed course. it’s not difficult.

Is Cifc same as CSC?

The CSC is designed for those looking to become a full-service investment advisor whereas the CIFC is for those who want to be able to provide advice on mutual funds. Exam formats also differ. These exams are two hours each in duration and carry 100 multiple-choice questions.

Does CSC expire?

CSC certification is valid for three years. Once certification is obtained, the certificate holder must ensure remaining compliance with the performance level stated by the Certification Body (CB) at the moment of issuing the certificate. The certificate expires after three years.

What does IFSE stand for Canada?

Toronto, ON – April 12, 2018 – IFSE Institute (IFSE), the educational arm of The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), announced today that it has launched Career Pathways, an engaging and interactive tool to help industry professionals explore various job roles in financial services.

How long does it take to complete CSC?

The CSC is split into two exams: Volume 1 and Volume 2. Each exam is two-hours long and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions with no negative marking for a wrong answer. The passing grade is 60%, and you’re allowed a maximum of three attempts per exam. You must complete the exam within one year of registration.

Who is eligible for CSC exam?

Applicant should be a village youth above 18 years of age. Applicant must have passed the 10th level examination from a recognized board as minimum level of educational qualification. Applicant should be fluent in reading and writing the local dialect and should also have basic knowledge of English language.

What job can I get with CSC?

Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Average by Job

  • Financial Service Representative (FSR)
  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Financial Advisor.
  • Investment Representative.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Executive Assistant.
  • Financial Services Representative.

Is the IFC exam hard?

You’re going to have to know the content in order to pass it, but the content itself is not difficult and the exam is multiple-choice with no calculations beyond about 8th-grade math.

Does IFC expire?

superfresh89 wrote: It’s good for 3 years. As long as you find a new job that will register you as a mutual fund rep within 3 years, you don’t need to re-take the exam.

How long does it take to study for IFIC?


Delivery Online
Language English
Suggested study time 60 to 90 hours
Enrolment period 1 year
Practice exam Yes, 100 questions

What is IFC course?

The IFC provides foundational knowledge that prepares Advisors to give effective advice to clients on mutual fund investments based on a client’s objectives, timeline and risk tolerance.

How do I apply for IFC?

To be eligible for IFC funding, a project must meet a number of criteria….The project must:

  1. Be located in a developing country that is a member of IFC;
  2. Be in the private sector;
  3. Be technically sound;
  4. Have good prospects of being profitable;
  5. Benefit the local economy; and.

What is CSC certification?

The CSC is the foundational financial services credential that top employers demand. The CSC® is a baseline regulatory requirement to perform securities, mutual fund and alternative funds transactions in many financial services positions.

How much is IFC?

Computer-based proctored exam (both test centre and online)

Situation Cost
Exam Registration – First Attempt* $80
Exam Rewrite $100
Missed Exam $80

What does IFC therapy do?

IFC is an electronic device used to stimulate nerve endings in deep tissue in order to reduce swelling, relieve pain, stop muscle spasms, increase blood flow and support healing. IFC is a technology used to treat many muscle, soft tissue and nerve diseases or injuries, such as: Rheumatoid arthritis.

What does IFC stand for?


Acronym Definition
IFC Independent Film Channel
IFC International Finance Corporation
IFC Industry Foundation Classes (International Alliance for Interoperability)
IFC Interfraternity Council

What is IFC World Bank?

A member of the World Bank Group, the International Finance Corporation provides financing for private enterprise investments in developing countries. The IFC says its focus is eliminating poverty through economic development, but critics claim it is more focused on profits than people.