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How do you find the coordination number of a central metal atom?

Here are the steps for identifying the coordination number of a coordination compound.

  1. Identify the central atom in the chemical formula.
  2. Locate the atom, molecule, or ion nearest the central metal atom.
  3. Add the number of atoms of the nearest atom/molecule/ions.
  4. Find the total number of nearest atoms.

What is the coordination number of Pt nh3 2Cl2?

The coordination number of Pt in the complex ion [Pt(en)2Cl2]2+ is 6 because en is bidentate. Was this answer helpful?

Why is PT NH3 2Cl2 square planar?

Nickel carbonyl( NiCO4) has tetrahedral geometry whereas [Pt(NH3)2Cl2] is square planar. Nickel is sp3 hybridized while Pt(II) is dsp2 hybridized. Hence Nickel carbonyl has tetrahedral geometry and [Pt(NH3)2Cl2] has saquare planar geometry.

Is PT NH3 2Cl2 optically active?

A : Pt(NH3)2Cl2 is optically inactive.

Is PT NH3 2Cl2 paramagnetic?

[Pt(NH3)2Cl2]is square planar and diamagnetic.

Why ccl4 is tetrahedral not square planar?

Answer. Explanation: Because,the VSEPR units of both atoms are 4 and it means the electrogeometry is tetrahedral.As there are no lone pairs in both atoms, the shape remains at tetrahedral.

What is the hybridization of PCL4?

PCl+4 cation is a AX4 type ion. It has four bonding pairs with no lone pairs. The phosphorous atom in PCl+4 is sp3 hybridized and the geometry is tetrahedral. The bond angle is close to 109.50.

Does XeOF4 exist?

NeF2 does not exist as it doesn’t have d orbitals to accommodate F− electrons.

Why NeF2 does not exist?

Ne is a Period 2 element . To unpair them and move it to a higher energy orbital will need high amount of energy which can not be compensated by the formation of the Ne-F bond. Hence NeF2 does not exist.

What happens when XeF6 undergoes complete hydrolysis?

The complete hydrolysis of XeF6 produces XeO3 which is xenon trioxide. This xenon trioxide is highly explosive and acts as a powerful oxidising agent in solution.

Which one of the following species does not exist under normal conditions?

Molecules with zero bond order do not exist. Thus, bond order of Be2 does not exist under normal conditions.