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How do you adjust the focus on a microscope?

Adjusting a Microscope

  1. Turn on the lamp and adjust its intensity.
  2. Adjust the interpupilary distance so that the two circles of light merge into one.
  3. Place a sample on the stage.
  4. Select the 10X objective and look through the right eyepiece only.
  5. Use the coarse and fine focus control knobs to adjust the focus of the sample.

Which parts enable you to adjust the focus of the microscope?


FINE ADJUSTMENT KNOB This part moves the stage slightly to help you sharpen or “fine” tune your view of the specimen.
DIAPHRAGM This part of the microscope helps you adjust the amount of light that reaches the specimen.
BASE The bottom part of the microscope.

How do you adjust the magnification of a microscope?

To figure the total magnification of an image that you are viewing through the microscope is really quite simple. To get the total magnification take the power of the objective (4X, 10X, 40x) and multiply by the power of the eyepiece, usually 10X.

When focusing a specimen should you always start with?

3. When focusing on a slide, ALWAYS start with either the 4X or 10X objective. Once you have the object in focus, then switch to the next higher power objective. Re-focus on the image and then switch to the next highest power.

Why is it important to put a coverslip over the drop of water when you prepare a wet mount?

Wet Mount. In a wet mount, a drop of water is used to suspend the specimen between the slide and cover slip. This method will help prevent air bubbles from being trapped under the cover slip. Your objective is to have sufficient water to fill the space between cover slip and slide.

Is preparation of a wet mount a lengthy process?

-the wet mount is a safer way to view pathogenic microorganisms. Preparation of a wet mount is a lengthy process.

What two adjustments can be made to the condenser?

Lab Test 1 part 1

Question Answer
What two adjustments can be made to the condenser? what effect do these adjustments have on the image? Answer: the condenser high and diaphragm can be adjusted. illumination of the specimen is increased when the condenser is raised and the diaphragm is opened.