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How do we properly shake the separatory funnel?

Proper technique for shaking the separatory funnel is illustrated in Figure 2. The stopper should be placed in the top of the funnel before removing it from the ring and the stopcock should be in the closed position. The stopper must be held firmly in place by holding it with the index finger or palm of the hand.

Why do you shake separatory funnel?

The shaking process greatly increases the surface area in contact between the two liquids and will allow for equilibrium to be established more rapidly. The separatory funnel must be vented often during the shaking process to relieve excess vapour pressure.

What precautions should be taken when using separatory funnel for your extraction?

Always firmly hold the stopper when shaking and regularly vent the funnel by opening the stopcock. Gloves are recommended. Always protect yourself and your neighbor from unexpected chemical splashes. Pressure may build in the funnel during mixing, therefore chemicals may violently be expelled from the funnel.

What will happen if you don’t shake the separatory funnel hard enough?

What will happen if you don’t shake the separatory funnel hard enough? the component won’t be extracted into organic phase. It’s soluble if it mixes & if layers form then it is the organic solvent.

Why can the aqueous layer food coloring be poured down the drain but not the organic layer?

– The organic layer cannot be poured down the drain because it is flammable and dangerous to the environment, whereas the aqueous + food coloring is not harmful to the environment.

What is brine why is it used in liquid extraction?

Also known as liquid-liquid extraction, this separates the organic compounds in a system from the non-organic (acids/bases). The bottom waster layer is drained, and to the organic layer, brine (NaCl dissolved in water) is added in order to remove any remaining water and halogens left in the organic system.

What are the two types of liquid-liquid extractions?

– Natural and Acid/base extraction are the two types of extractions.

Which of the given solvent is used the separation of uranyl ion?


Why is it better to use several small washing extractions rather than large washing extraction?

So with multiple extractions the amount of material left in the residue will be lower, ergo the extraction will be more complete. Several extractions with smaller volumes of solvent are more effective than a single extraction with a large volume of solvent.