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How can I get full marks in NEET chemistry?

How can I get full marks in NEET chemistry?

How To Prepare For NEET Chemistry?

  1. Read the chapter from NCERT.
  2. Note the important formula on a sheet of paper.
  3. Read the same chapter from the desired reference book.
  4. Understand the application of these formulas.
  5. Add the extra information that you find in the reference books to your notes.
  6. Now start solving questions on your own.
  7. Revise in the same sequence.

Is Ncert at fingertips enough for NEET?

Although NCERT at Fingertips is a good book but as per my personal experiances, the level of question is not of the level of NEET. The better option is to Study and Learn NCERT thoroughy and revice previous years paper and sample paper of NEET.

What is Ncert at your fingertips?

Objective NCERT at your Fingertips – Biology; is an unparalleled book to let you learn NCERT at your fingertips. It possesses 100 MCQs chapter-wise in an average to guarantee the complete revision of NCERT Biology. This book also gives an advantage to gauze your progress with Preparation Meter.

Is HC Verma enough for NEET?

Answer. the most important thing for NEET preparation is that you need to be thorough with your NCERT book first and foremost. both the books are equally good. however hc verma is generally for ICSE board and it has a lot of detailed information which above this level and not required by you.

Is HC Verma better or DC Pandey?

Once I was students and that time my Teacher told me that one can score full marks just by HC Verma, what matters in physics is not the number or types of questions but the concepts.

Which book is best HC Verma or DC Pandey?

Truth be told, Concepts of Physics by H C Verma stays true to its name. It is single-handedly the best available book for concept building. And for those wondering what about D C Pandey, we strongly suggest against starting with D C Pandey or even clearing your conceptual doubts through the book.

What is the price of HC Verma?


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