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Does woozworld exist?

Does woozworld exist?

Hey Woozens, We’re excited to officially announce that a non-flash version of Woozworld will be ready for you by December 2020. As months progressed, we were able to find a better solution (Woozworld 10) and will be discontinuing Woozworld Desktop to focus on the Woozworld 10 beta.

What happened to woozworld?

On July 8, 2019, it was released that the mobile gaming brand Azerion has acquired Woozworld.

Does woozworld delete old accounts?

After 30 days, your Woozworld account will be deleted permanently such as all your personal information, blocks your Woozin, unfriends all contacts and locks all virtual spaces.

How do I recover my old woozworld account?

Forgotten password

  1. To retrieve a forgotten password, please follow these simple instructions;
  2. Go to
  3. Click/Tap on I forgot my password.
  4. Enter a valid e-mail address associated with your Woozworld Account.
  5. A link to reset your password will be sent by e-mail.

How do I email woozworld?

Contact us

  1. Woozworld ® Inc. 55 Avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest, 7th floor. Montreal QC H2T 2S6. CANADA.
  2. Phone: 514 281-8999.
  3. Fax: 514 281-5557. [email protected]
  4. Customer support: [email protected]

How do I permanently delete my woozworld account?

From their FAQ: “go to the Parent Zone and click on the “Manage my account” tab and then on the “Manage my subscription” tab, then on the “Cancel my Subscription” and finally on the Confirm button.”

How do I contact woozworld?

If you have questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us at +1 (514) 281-8999 or [email protected]

What is woozworld phone number?

1 (514) 281-8999

Who is the CEO of Woozworld?

Nicolas Lee (Jun 2, 2015–)

How do I report someone on Woozworld?

To report a Wooztube Video simply click on the arrow on the right of the video and click on the Report button that appears. Enter the type of report and a short description of the video. The moderation team will investigate and blacklist any videos breaking the Woozworld Code of Conduct.

How do you get banned from woozworld?

Any Woozen found to behave in an illicit manner and/or found in possession of illicit furniture or clothing will have their Woozworld account banned permanently from Woozworld.

How many players does woozworld have?

30 million users

How do you get money on Woozworld?

Complete tasks like downloading and running an app, completing a survey, or playing a game online, and then you’ll be rewarded with Wooz! After you finish an offer, go back to TapJoy and click on the Track Rewards tab to see if your offer has been completed, or if you have to wait to be rewarded.

How long does limit last on Woozworld?

Shop Podz owners can sell a maximum of 200 items per hour. Once the limit is reached, the cool down period is 1 hour.

How do you sell clothes on Woozworld?

Click on Your items on the bottom right corner of your Marketplace window. Click on “ADD ITEM” , this will open your inventory, simply drag and drop the item. You can also add items directly from your inventory as show below; Set the quantity and the price you want to sell your items for.

How do you get WOOZ for free on Woozworld?

Free ways

  1. Watch short advertisements in Shopz.
  2. Complete quests.
  3. Complete quizzes.
  4. Win contests.
  5. Get goodie bags.
  6. Special occasions/events or periods of time when Woozworld gives free wooz.
  7. Buy wooz from Woozworld’s store.
  8. Buy VIP and you will get 60 wooz everyday.

How do you level up in Woozworld?

Go on woozworld as soon as you wake up at 8:00am and vote someone. And then No earlier than 8:00pm you shall get a new set of votes! So you get double the prestige points each day! Which means you level up twice as faster as everyone else.

What is BeeX?

BeeX is a cloud and SAP technical consulting specialist company. BeeX provides SAP transition service, SAP key cloud infrastructure construction service, SAP key cloud operation maintenance service.

How do you trade on Woozworld?

You can trade as many items as you want as often as you want. To initiate a trade with another Woozen via Woozworld 10; Click/Tap on the “Trade” button on the other Woozen’s tooltip (which you can find by scrolling over the Woozen with your mouse). After you initiate a trade, wait for the other Woozen to accept.

How do you get a mannequin in Woozworld?

How do you get a free mannequin in woozworld? If you find all ‘Mya’s Lost Shopping Bags’, the you will get a free mannequin.

Is woozworld safe?

Parental consent is required to play Woozworld Woozworld is a safe environment for tweens to socialize where we strictly guard the personal information of our users and do not share any user information with other parties. We offer real-time, safe chat that is GDPR compliant.

What was woozworld original name?

Kidstudio 2.0

Is woozworld kid friendly?

Woozworld is a virtual world and social networking site for Tweens and Teens, where your child can express his or her creativity in a fun and a safe environment. Woozworld is a browser-based virtual world, therefore, no downloads are required to play online.

What is the age limit for woozworld?

Targeted for children ages nine to 14, Woozworld provides an engaging and interactive experience by allowing members to create their own world where they can fashion their own characters, make new Woozworld friends, and conduct virtual businesses.

How old do you have to be to play Woozworld?

If you are under 13 years old, DO let your parent/guardian know that you’ve joined Woozworld. In order to maintain your safety, your parent(s)/guardian(s) should know when and where you’re playing online. When you create your account, you can enter your parent/guardian’s email address to keep them informed.