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Does diversity in the workplace really make a difference?

Does diversity in the workplace really make a difference?

Diversity Improves Employee Retention and Engagement Research has found that morale, culture, and employee engagement all thrive in diverse and inclusive workplaces: In a Deloitte survey, 83% of millennials reported higher levels of engagement when they believed their company fosters an inclusive culture.

Are diverse companies more successful?

We found that companies with the most ethnically/ culturally diverse boards worldwide are 43% more likely to experience higher profits.

Why are diverse companies more successful?

They have found that increasing diversity has a direct effect on the bottom line. Companies that have more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue due to innovation. This finding is huge for tech companies, start-ups, and industry where innovation is the key to growth.

Do diverse boards perform better?

Diverse companies are 35% more likely to have greater financial returns than their less diverse industry peers, according to McKinsey report. Having a diverse board helps reduce risk, it challenges stale thinking, and it sets an example for the rest of the company to be inclusive.

Why is it important to have diverse leadership?

Diversity can bring a variety of new perspectives and experiences to the leadership team. That fresh input can help companies thrive by boosting innovation and revenue, attracting and retaining talent and appealing to inclusion-focused customers. Diversity in leadership can deliver real benefits.