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The answer to this question is no… Squall did not die in this game. Rinoa’s love for him brought him back to life.

Did squall die at the end of ff8?

After the fight, when Edea seems defeated, she conjures an enormous ice shard and propels it through Squall’s chest. Squall stumbles back and falls off the platform. He sees Rinoa above, reaching to him as he falls. Squall closes his eyes and dies.

Did Edea kill squall?

During the conflict, Edea shoots a giant magical ice shard at Squall. The ice shard hits him in the upper chest (some say it actually hits him right below the shoulder) and he falls off the float, tumbling down a great distance. But in the next scene, Squall wakes up in a prison cell and is miraculously fine.

Do squall and rinoa end up together?

During their adventure, she is briefly possessed by the evil sorceress Ultimecia and becomes a sorceress herself once the spirit leaves her body. After defeating Ultimecia, Rinoa and Squall become a couple. Critics and players alike have praised Rinoa for her personality and her beauty.

Does rinoa marry squall?

This couple love Final Fantasy VIII character so much that they Cosplay their character into their Wedding!

Are squall and rinoa siblings?

Squall is the son of Raine and Laguna, Rinoa is the daughter of Callaway and Julia. Ellone’s parents died and her foster parents are the biological parents of Squall.

Is rinoa in love with squall?

Rinoa had a crush on him, but Squall wasn’t interested. And the “Good” dialogue choices with her feel more like Squall is simply putting up with her, not falling for her. So yes, it feels pretty sloppy for the writers to all of a sudden make Squall fall madly in love with her when she enters a coma.

Is rinoa Julia’s daughter?

Although circumstances kept Julia and Laguna apart their love was reconciled through the romantic involvement of their children, Rinoa (Julia’s daughter) and Squall (Laguna’s son).

Did Laguna sleep with Julia?

If you take the issue from the Balamb Hotel any time before you board the train to go to Timber, then during the first Laguna sequence, Kiros and Ward will refer to Laguna’s inability to hold his liquor, and Laguna will fall asleep in Julia’s room after drinking too much wine.

Who is Squall’s mother?

Raine was Squall’s mother. She looked like him. Which makes Laguna his father because they’re married. Not to mention that Laguna left two years before Raine died to save Ellone and then he becomes president so that’s why Squall never met him until near the end.

Is rinoa ultimecia?

Some point out that if Ultimecia wanted to regain Squall, she probably wouldn’t have tried to kill him (though use of Guardian Forces erases memory so it’s likely she wouldn’t recognize him at this point). Square has directly stated that Rinoa is definitely not Ultimecia.

How did rinoa become ultimecia?

She was clearly subject to persecution in her life, even though not a lot of background info is given about her. I posit that Sorceress Rinoa, in an alternate timeline, was hunted down by SeeD. This fueled Rinoa’s hatred of them that eventually manifested in her transformation to Sorceress Ultimecia.

Why does ultimecia have griever?

Griever is not only a symbol of the virtues Squall values, but is also Squall’s interpretation of the ultimate Guardian Force. During the final battle, Ultimecia draws Griever from Squall’s mind, bringing Squall’s perceptions of the being into existence to fight the party.

How much HP does Adele have?


Level HP Str
1 6,000 46
46 51,000 131

Who is the last boss in ff8?