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Can you use a rhetorical question in an essay?

Can you use a rhetorical question in an essay?

So, try to avoid posing direct rhetorical questions to the reader in an essay. Rhetorical questions are useful for the person writing the essay (i.e. they help you come to grips with the topic), but it is best to rephrase them as statements or as indirect questions.

How do you change a rhetorical question into a sentence?

How to Write a Rhetorical QuestionThink about what question the section is trying to answer.Then simply phrase it as a question rather than a sentence. The question should be direct so that the reader knows exactly where you’re going in the argument.

What is it called when you answer your own rhetorical question?

Hypophora is a figure of speech in which a writer raises a question, and then immediately provides an answer to that question. It is also known as antipophora, or anthypophora. At first look, examples of hypophora may seem similar to rhetorical question examples, but there is a slight difference as explained below.

How do you use rhetorical device in a sentence?

1. These arguments may have been used as a rhetorical device to argue for a perpetuation of a United Nations role. 2. A rhetorical device with which to disarm his critics?