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Can the two integers both be positive?

1 Expert Answer Sure: 1 and 2 are both integers and are both positive.

Is the sum of 2 integers always an integer?

Closure property: The sum of two integers is always an integer.

Can the sum of two integers be 0?

The sum of two integers is zero when the two integers are opposites. The sum of two integers is negative when both integers are negative or when one integer is positive and the other is negative and a negative integer has a longer Arrow on the number line.

What is a general rule for adding two integers with the same sign?

To add integers having the same sign, keep the same sign and add the absolute value of each number. To add integers with different signs, keep the sign of the number with the largest absolute value and subtract the smallest absolute value from the largest.

What is an example of adding integers?

For example, to add 10 + (-15) = -5, the larger number in this case is 15 without the sign. Therefore subtract 15 and 10 to get 5 and assign the answer the sign of 15 which is -5. When adding negative integers, the numbers are added and the sum assumes the sign of the original integers. For example, – 5 + (-1) = – 6.

What is an example of a positive integer?

Positive and Negative Integers Positive integers are all the whole numbers greater than zero: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, . For each positive integer, there is a negative integer, and these integers are called opposites. For example, -3 is the opposite of 3, -21 is the opposite of 21, and 8 is the opposite of -8.

What are the different types of integers?

Integers come in three types:

  • Zero (0)
  • Positive Integers (Natural numbers)
  • Negative Integers (Additive inverse of Natural Numbers)

What are the six properties of integers?

What are the Properties of Integers?

  • Closure Property.
  • Associative Property.
  • Commutative Property.
  • Distributive Property.
  • Identity Property.

Where do we see integers?

You can use integers to help represent many real world situations, such as: Increases and decreases in temperature. Profits and losses of money. Locations above and below sea level.

What are examples of integers in real life?

10 Ways Integers Are In Real Life

  • Temperature.
  • AD & BC Time. Temperature is another way integers are shown in real life, because the temperature is always either over 0 or below zero.
  • Speed Limit. When you’re driving, you can go over, or under the speed limit.
  • Sea Level.

What type of integer is 0?

neutral integer

What is the smallest integer?

The smallest integer is zero.

Is 0.2 a positive integer?

These numbers lie between the two whole numbers. Decimals = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, … are called integer. 1,2,3,4,… are Positive integer.

Is there a largest positive integer?

The number 2,(or hexadecimal 7FFFFFFF16) is the maximum positive value for a 32-bit signed binary integer in computing.

How do you prove there is no largest integer?

The goal is to reach a contradiction. Use proof by contradiction to show that there is no greatest integer. Solution: To prove that there is no object with this property, begin by supposing the negation: that there is an object with the property. Starting Point: Suppose there is a greatest integer; call it N.

Is there a least positive integer?

So for all positive integer that it is greater than or equal to 1, and 1 is the least positive integer.