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Can entropy be reversed the last question?

“We both know entropy can’t be reversed. You can’t turn smoke and ash back into a tree.” “Do you have trees on your world?” asked MQ-17J.

How old is Micah Mcgonigal?

He is a Christian, according to his Twitter bio. Before creating Kickstarter project for the full game, mystman12 worked in Taco Bell, then he was a grocery bagger for a few years. In one of the posts in his Twitter, he will be 99 years old in the year 2097.

What is the real answer to Baldi’s impossible question?

By typing in the number “31718”, you will unlock the secret known as “This Is Where It All Began”, which teleports you to the test room used during the game’s creation.

Why is Baldi so scary?

McGonigal draws upon accidentally-unsettling visual elements of old educational games to create a disturbing world in Baldi’s Basics, and in doing so creates unease from a general sense of something being wrong, and not so much from a frightening creature stalking the player.

Who is 0th prize?

0th Prize is a poorly-drawn human character wearing a salmon orange cap and overalls, purple shirt, brown shoes, and holding a green broom without visible hands. His face is mostly drawn with black pencil. Based on the scaling of Baldi’s ruler, 0th Prize is about 6 feet (182.88 centimeters) tall, not including his cap.

Who created Baldi?

Micah McGonigal

-It is relatable for almost anyone who has gone to school. -Doesn’t have social philosophies, rhetoric and pressures that are tainting so many games these days. -Reminds us of the simplicity that is at the CORE of gaming.

Is Baldi’s basics a real game?

Not the real game The real game is baldi’s basics in education and learning.

Is Baldi copyrighted?

Baldi’s Basics Plus and other Baldi’s Basics games are trademarks of Basically, Games!. All textures, sprites, audio files, and promotional images belong solely to Basically, Games!. All Rights Reserved.

Where can I play Baldis basics?

How do I download Baldis basics?

Android users, follow these steps to install the game:

  1. Click the download button next to the file “BALDI_1.
  2. When you click the download button, you will likely see a warning telling you that this kind of file can harm your device, and if you still want to keep it.
  3. The file will begin downloading.